World Cup Table Manners

While I am sitting at my computer working on my blog my husband is watching the world cup coverage on BBC1. Now for anyone who knows me they would not expect me to blog about football and especially not here on my food blog. However, I can hear the footage on the television and I am interested by an interview with Wayne Rooney.

It seems that Fabio Capello (the England Manager) insists that the England team eats dinner together every day in their team tracksuits, with no mobile phones present and they are only allowed to leave the table once everyone has finished. I think it is fantastic; the England Manager realises how important eating together as a group is in bringing people together. By switching off mobile phones and staying at the table until all are finished shows respect and investment in the people you share your meal with and gives you a chance to talk to each other.

I think eating together around a table is the best way for people to get to know each other. In England so many families no longer eat together and it has been documented in the press over the last few years that many families no longer buy a dining table, favouring instead to eat from a tray or with a plate on their laps. I say everyone should try siting down together, sharing food and conversation; if it is being used as a strategy to succeed at football all of us should take eating together more seriously. Well done Fabio!

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