What Makes a Wedding Breakfast?

Saturday morning, as I ate my porridge and Baby G shared marmalade and toast with his Daddy, I got to thinking about why it was that we would be eating ‘breakfast’ again that same afternoon at our friends’ wedding. Why do we call the wedding meal a wedding breakfast when it is never really served until late afternoon? My assumption was that since it is the first meal a married couple eat together it is similar to breakfast, the first meal of the day. I googled ‘wedding breakfast’ today and it seems that my idea is a common explanation, but there is also the idea that in the Catholic Church mass is taken during the wedding ceremony and it seems tradition to fast before this mass, therefore the meal after the ceremony really is the couple breaking their fast.

Nevertheless, whatever time a wedding breakfast is served I have found the food to be very varied. I find it interesting to see what a couple chooses to serve everybody, whether it is clearly their favourite dish, or something that will appeal to everybody’s taste – which is never easy. Cooking and serving the same meal, to the same standard and keeping it hot for 50 or more, 100 or more people is always impressive to me. I turned my hand to catering a few years ago running my own small catering company to earn some extra money, it was hard work, but gave me plenty of opportunity to extend my home cookery; Baby G came along and that was the end of any time I had to devote to catering.

Saturday we ate on the lower deck of a boat used as our local yacht club’s headquarters, moored on the banks of the Thames Estuary. We were treated to a very generous and delicious meal. It is the only wedding where I’ve eaten an individual puff pastry pie! We also ate smoked salmon pate and later chocolate mousse.

What a wonderful day, what a beautiful setting, when the river Thames flowed in and later the lights on the shoreline reflected in the water it was truly both magical and romantic.

Here is a window onto our day:

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