I want to introduce Weelicious.com to you as soon as possible. About a year ago I discovered this great food blog centred around food for kids & babies. As I am a first time Mum it gave me loads of great ideas and as the cakes, biscuits etc are good for kids they can also be considered healthy options for adults too. The website is produced by an American Mum and I think it should soon be popular over here in England.

Every week there is a helpful video showing a recipe and I’ve found this section really useful. The most recent addition is the daily lunchbox update, giving ideas of what to pack your school age kids for lunch time. I find it helpful with my meal plans.

I can’t recommend this website enough and I feel sure once you’ve visited it you’ll be just as impressed. Whether you’re a Mum, Dad, Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, Teacher or without kids but wanting healthy ideas for snacks etc then Weelicious is a must! You have to check out! Weelicious.com

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