Utterly Scrummy Brownies

This blog post could change your life. A few weeks ago I ate the best chocolate brownie I have ever eaten and indeed I class it as one of the best cakes I have ever tasted. Michelle has a blog called Utterly Scrummy and she has been making her secret family brownie recipe for years. Over time the demand for her brownies has increased so much that she decided to launch her own website and delivery service.

I was lucky enough to be sent a batch of Michelle’s triple chocolate brownie to taste test and review. This has to be one of the best jobs I have ever had to do! It was amazing. Even as I unwrapped the parcel I could smell the intense chocolate flavour. I knew immediately that this brownie was going to be packed full of chocolate and it was. The texture was dense and moist in the middle whilst still firm and crumbly on the top. Inside were huge pieces of white, milk and dark chocolate which made the brownie even more enjoyable. Biting into the delicious cake and then having bursts of pure chocolate, not just small chocolate drops, but huge delicious chocolate chunks to devour was pure bliss. At first I felt the cake was soooo rich but after a few moments I realised that despite its rich intense flavour it was suprisingly light on the stomach – which meant you could enjoy more and more. This was a real chocolate hit for me and it could actually be described as dangerously addictive, dangerous that is to my hips!!!!

We ate the whole lot in two days. Michelle had to email me the above photo, I ate mine too quickly to photograph! Take a look at the website to see the brownies for yourself. I also have to apologise to my husband who only got to try to two pieces of the cake before my son and I devoured the rest. We really couldn’t help ourselves and I think that this may be the first time I could start a real addiction with food – never before have I eaten so much cake in such a short space of time, it literally took away all my self-control.

I’m giving Utterly Scrummy Brownie top marks – this is a cake every body has to try at least once, but once will never be enough.


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