Twenty Ways To Save Money On Your Food Shop

At the start of the New Year I’m republishing this blog post. I know I need to say some money after Christmas! Here are some of the ways I’m going to try saving money on my food bill:

  1. Swap olive oil for cheaper sunflower or rape seed oil when frying.
  2. Don’t buy prepared vegetables/salad, a bag of salad costs around the same as two whole heads of lettuce.
  3. Weigh each portion of rice and pasta so you have less wastage.
  4. Grow your own herbs, even a pot on your windowsill will save you buying expensive packaged fresh herbs.
  5. Compare the price per kg(lb) of products to find the real bargains.
  6. Make your own flavoured yogurts by buying plain yogurt and adding jam, fruit, nuts, muesli, chocolate chips etc.
  7. Say no to ready meals, make meals in bulk from scratch and freeze them in portions so you have your own ready meals at a fraction of the price.
  8. Eat less meat, choose several nights a week to eat vegetarian.
  9. Don’t buy brands, instead try supermarket own brands.
  10. Make your own bread (dig out your breadmaker from the back of the cupboard, or buy a cheap one on ebay). Bread made at home costs only a few penies and you can make flavoured breads at a fraction of the shop bought price.
  11. Meal plan – plan a whole week of meals so there are no last minute calls to the local takeaway.
  12. Check the fridge, freezer and store cupboard before shopping so no duplicates are bought by mistake.
  13. Dilute fruit juices to make them go further – this also makes them more refreshing as the fruit provides vitamins and the water hydrates.
  14. Check out local shops – at my local Chinese supermarket I can by the same products 3x cheaper than leading supermarket chains.
  15. Don’t buy gravy granules – use some cornflour to thicken sauces.
  16. Make your own muesli with oats and dried fruit, it is cheaper and healthier as there are no hidden sugars or salts.
  17. Use a teapot to make tea, it will provide more than one cup per tea bag.
  18. Make lunches to take out – shop bought sandwiches are expensive and unhealthy.
  19. Don’t thrown away leftovers make bubble and squeak or soup.
  20. Look at the low shelves in the supermarket – items at eye level are more expensive and budget ranges are on the lower shelves.

If you have any other ways you save money please leave a comment!

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  2. Jamie says:

    These are some fantastic tips – we do save money and still eat amazing tasty food. Love the photo – looks just like our bus – Madeleine!

    This is a superb post, I must share it with my friends on Facebook.

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