Trans-Fat Beware

About 5 years ago I read an article about the dangers of trans-fats. I had never heard of them before then but soon learned all about them. Once again trans-fats have been in the press and I read another article only a few weeks ago which reaffirmed my mission to ensure that as little as possible enters into my family’s diet.

Trans-fats are a man made and were introduced as a healthy alternative to natural saturate fats such as butter. As I understand it, and please correct me if I’m wrong, trans-fats are the product of vegetable oils which have undergone a process called hydrogenation which turns liquid oil into solid fat.

Why should you avoid trans-fats?

Trans-fats have been linked to high cholesterol, which can lead to health conditions such as heart attacks and strokes. There is also research to suggest trans-fats are linked to a rise in diabetes. This is a fat to avoid!

What are trans-fats in?

They are in a whole range of prepared products such as, biscuits, pastries, ice cream, chips, fast food & margarine.

How can you avoid trans-fats?

  • Always read the label of any prepared, canned or packaged products. If you don’t know what is in it don’t eat it!
  • Eat less fast food and take away food – find a take away that advertises no trans-fats.
  • Look for products that say “all butter” or “no trans-fats”.
  • Trans-fats can also be in found on ingredients listed as magerine, shortening, vegetable fats & partically hydrogenated vegetable oil or fat, avoid foods with any of these ingredients listed.

Thinking about trans-fats makes me realise once again that unless you prepare lots of food from scratch you really do not know what you are putting into your body!  When you do by prepared products remember to always read the label!

If you want to learn more about trans-fats for yourself here is an interesting newspaper articles & website:


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