Tinned Food, Good or Bad?

I like tinned food, there I’ve said it. I really do like tinned food; I think it can be a real time saver. Obviously a tin of tomatoes is pretty much a staple in most store cupboards but what else is good? Tinned fruit, mandarins, peaches or pears can be delicious used in a dessert. I’ve served chocolate whip with mandarins for dessert at a dinner party and made it look pretty with grated chocolate sprinkled over the top. I am also a fan of tinned sweetcorn and a decent tin of mixed vegetables can be added into a pasta sauce so easily.

Yet I know there are lots of you who are totally turned off by the thought of tinned food; fresh ingredients are the healthiest option, but is that really true? For a long time I’ve thought that since the vitamins in fruit and vegetables begin to depreciate the moment they are harvested then surely by the time they reach our kitchen most of their vitamin content will be lost. If food is tinned quickly then the vitamin content should be higher than fresh ingredients. When I looked up this idea I found numerous studies supporting my theory.

Check these links out to see that it really is worth taking the easy route and sometimes putting down the vegetable peeler and just opening a tin:

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