The Ultimate Philadelphia Cookbook

A big thank you to Ebury Publishing for thinking of my blog and realising that this book is ideally suited to my ethos of quick, easy recipes. It was a lovely surprise when this book arrived at my door and I have spent much time with my head inside the cover. It is packed full of recipes than I would actually cook. It is normal for me to cook only a few recipes from a book, but this book is full of tasty, realistic, quick recipes; real food that real people cook.

I was particularly impressed with the quality of this book; the photography is fab, the recipes easy to follow and it is laid out clearly. There is something for every occasion from soup, to party bites, light meals to pasta and desserts. I knew cream cheese was a versitle ingredients but I now realise I can use it for much more. Cream cheese keeps fresh in the fridge for much longer than cream and it is quicker to use than making a white sauce, so I’m pleased to find out I can use it in more often. Here are some of the delicious recipes: chicken satay bites, garlic and herb salmon, sizzling chicken tortillas, sweet chilli pork kebabs, ham and leek cannelloni, 5 minute fruit brulee, sticky toffee squares, baked chocolate and orange cheesecake, I could go on and on.

This cookbook is going to be a real go to when I need a new idea. I always have a tub of cream cheese in my fridge and sometimes during the week, I go off meal plan and need to whip up something quick, tasty and filling. I will definitely be flicking through this book to give me some inspiration, with the gorgeous photography the recipes jump off the page .

I think this book would make a good present for young people, students, families and singles. I know a few people who would really like a copy of this book.

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