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Some interesting food news in the papers this week:

  • I wondered while shopping a few weeks ago would the volcano and flights disruption cause any obvious spaces on supermarket shelves. Turns out fruit salad is one product affected: Fruit Salad & The Volcano
  • Last month Sophie Dahl showed us her style of cooking. Sophie was not focused like me on money and time constraints but designed her meals entirely around her mood for the day; hence a whole show devoted to foods to accompany melancholy! Most unusual. I’m not entirely convinced but see what this article has to say: Dahl v Food Bloggers
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2 Responses to The News…

  1. Jen says:

    Yes, good point about the flights and how that would affect food. Also, I wasn’t a fan of Sophie Dahl’s programme. She seems to cook what she fancies regardless of cost or time and it seemed to me to only be suitable for people who haven’t got a family to feed. Plus, it wasn’t all that healthy most of the time. The only thing I fancy trying is her breakfast pancakes.

  2. Vicky says:

    I think Sophie Dahl’s recipes are good for young women who can cook what they fancy when they fancy it. When you have a partner or children to cook for you don’t have time to indulge your mood and need to get on with putting a meal on the table!

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