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It’s been so long since I wrote about the food news! Lets see what is interesting….

Amazon has started its own online grocery deliveries. Do we need another online grocery site? What will they offer that is different? These are the questions running through my mind. Ocado the independent grocery site has been making a loss and this indicates Amazon may be on to a loser. However, Amazon claim that they will specialise in bulk buying to enable customers to save money. Saving money is great, but how many of us have enough space to buy boxes of crisps and sacks of rice? On the upside it seems Amazon want to achieve with food what they’ve done with books, anything you want you can find it with them, even if you’ve search everywhere else. Read about it here.

Ofcom put a ban on junk food advertising on children’s TV. As a parent I love this piece of news. All TV advertising of junk food before 9pm will be banned. Furthermore, celebrities and cartoon characters are not allowed to advertise any foods high in fat, salt and sugar. Characters such as Tony the Tiger for Frosties can remain as they are characters created specificially for the food brand. As you can imagine this has not been popular with advertisers, and broadcasters claim this move puts the funding of children’s TV under threat. More on this in the Guardian.

It caught my eye in the news that a make of English wine beat the French to win in an international wine competition. The wine is made in Cornwall and is favoured by British chef Rick Stein. Find out more about the award winning wine in the Telegraph.

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