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I realised today that I had not put up any food news recently. Here are some interesting articles:

I was amazed to read that Waitrose have introduced a pre-packed salad that will stay fresh for up to a week! To achieve this they have blanched the lettuce leaves first using boiling water followed by a cold ice bath. I wonder if this will really work to keep the lettuce fresh for longer and will it alter the vitamin content at all? This is an interest subject for me as I eat a lot of salad and do find  some going to waste, Waitrose’s new range has been specially designed to reduce food waste. Read about it here and if anybody tries the salad please contribute with a comment.

An interesting article about coffee caught my eye. I don’t drink coffee but know dedicated coffee drinkers who spend time and money investing in the best coffee and best equipment to prepare it. It seems a study has shown that coffee does not work as a pick me up for regular coffee drinkers. Instead, they begins to crave the caffeine and when they have a cup of coffee the feel good factor comes from reducing their caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Read the article to see how the study also found coffee does not help to keep you alert. Personal I prefer a good cup of English tea!

I have mentioned before on my blog that I think it is really important to read the label of any prepared food. There are so many hidden ingredients in prepared foods. The Times newspaper wrote about this at the weekend in an article that highlighted how difficult it is to understand all the ingredients on food labels. I certainly find some labelled ingredients tricky to decipher and prefer to buy products with a short list of natural ingredients. See the article for yourself here.

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