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What’s been in the press this week?

On my ‘meal plans for men’ page I recommend using sauces from a jar because it is quick and easy; I also recommend always reading the label to check out the ingredients. Now it turns out some high profile brands such as Jamie Oliver’s food line have been found to have high fat, sugar and salt content – so I was right, always check the label!  –  Celebrity Food Criticised

How about this? Reports claim the Food Standard Agency is considering putting a tax on junk food to get us eating more healthily. There are some ideas to chew over here – Tax on Fast Food

I was pleased to read the trend for buying locally produced food has extended to the NHS, who have been considering the benefits of investing in local suppliers. Check out this article to learn more: NHS Could Save Millions

Look out for my Food News every week.

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  1. matt says:

    yeah i always check for added sugar!

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