The Cookiepedia

Mmmm brownies. George and I made some this week for our friends. We have a fantastic new book called The Cookiepedia by Stacey Adimando filled full of yummy cookies and biscuits. I love how this recipe book has set itself apart from all the other baking books on my shelf. It is spiral bound and more like a textbook than a traditional recipe book and I like the style. The use of spiral binding is a simple idea, but very effective and I wish all my recipe books were so easy to use. Listen up publishers – spiral binding is a must for a user friendly recipe book.

Now, as the name suggested The Cookiepedia works its way through every type of cookie imaginable but in clear sections group cookie types together. For example there is a whole section on chocolate cookies, where my brownies fitted in (cookie or cake you decide) and another on fruity cookies which included the delicious oatmeal raisin cookies I’ve enjoyed making. There are lots of helpful hints with each recipe; a useful glossary, which I think most recipe books lack; and great food photography accompanied.

At the moment my copy of The Cookiepedia is my go to baking book and the one recipe book that is staying off my bookshelf and out on my kitchen counter – and in my kitchen that is the equivalent of my own special culinary award.

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