The Cake Decorating Bible – Juliet Sear

My handbag is currently weighed down by a large cookery book. I am an avid cook book reader, but it is rare I carry one around with me just as others might a paperback novel.

The Cake Decorating Bible is beautiful presented book with photo after photo of inspiring cakes. Living in Juliet Sear’s home town I’ve seen her cakes first hand in her shop window and think of her work as what I term ‘edible art’. Now, in this book, her cakes are captured for everyone to see.

The joy of this book is that Juliet shares her baking secrets so you can try making some of these cakes at home. It is fascinating to read the first section of the book which reveals the recipes that Juliet uses as the basis for her cakes – because, just like me, she believes that first and foremost the cakes should taste amazing – only after this can you begin to decorate! Flick further into the book and you can learn how to fully ice a cake without those pesky crumbs ruining the finish; how to construct a tiered cake; how to make sugar flowers and decorate cookies.

The final section of the book is ‘Caketastrophes!’ Here Juliet explains what to do when disaster is looming and your cake is in need of some attention. Thank goodness for some direct advice about those times when, as an amateur baker, you panic because people are expecting your cake and it is looking far from ready! Reading Juliet’s suggestions of how to correct your mishaps takes some of the fear out of the last minute slip ups.

For me, over the next few months, I have a lot of work ahead as I really want to master some of these techniques and improve my decorating skills. So, I’m not letting The Cake Decorating Bible out of my sight as it is in danger of being swiped by any number of my ‘baking’ friends – I say “Buy Your Own!”


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