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Last week was hectic. I was preparing for my second supper club and for things to run smoothly there was a lot of preparation. You can see from my blackboard menu what I served. Supper club is a my chance to get away from my stay at home Mum label and do something non-child related. I can exercise my brain and certainly keep myself very busy. I enjoy it most of all because it gives me a chance to bring together all the things I enjoy, I can share my love of vintage crockery, show off all the second hand furniture we’ve restored and of course my love of cooking. I am lucky to have the full support of my husband and you can see my happy helpers setting the tables below:

So far most people I invited hadn’t even heard of a supper club, but once they understood the concept they were very ethusiastic. One guest told me she enjoyed it much more than a restaurant as the standard was the same but she felt much more relaxed, while the atmosphere was unique. What a lovely compliment!

I’ve put together some photos to give a feeling of the evening. In fact, the Sunday Mirror sent a photographer from their magazine Homes & Holidays. I don’t know when the Supper Club will feature, but we certainly had to pose for enough photos – not easy while trying to cook for 16 people while my 2 year old son is upstairs suffering badly with a cold and asthma. It is interesting that the photographer said “I don’t know if you are mad or brave”, I think a good mix of both. However, the guests were happy and there was plenty of laughter to be heard. Lots of people stayed late chatting at their tables even after coffee had been cleared away, a sign that everyone enjoyed themselves.

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  1. Matt says:

    Great idea

  2. This is such a lovely idea, I am very envious, it must be such a great evening to plan! Unfortunately my diddy little cottage is a bit small but maybe one day…. Do let me know if you do feature in the Sunday Mirror and I shall be sure to buy it.

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