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It has been some time since I last blogged. I had 25 guests for my last Supper Club so preparing and then recovering has taken some time! Also we have all been suffering with colds. My little boy suffers with asthma and I really have to watch him like a hawk when he has a cold, so the blog has gone on the back burner.

I wanted to share a couple of pictures of my Supper Club. I wasn’t able to photo my food as it was so hectic in the kitchen but I’ve put together a couple of pictures which give a feel of the evening.

Coming up on the blog I’m going to start Christmas preparations. This will include edible gifts, easy Christmas recipes to make yourself, like mincemeat and some of the traditional dishes I cook at Christmas time. Do you have any Christmas blog requests? Please leave a comment…..

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2 Responses to Supper Club News

  1. Jen says:

    Looks great- I love the little robin centre pieces. Looking forward to more edible Christmas present ideas.

  2. Audrey Naylor says:

    Great looking menu. I did two special meals in November.
    First menu was the Jamie Oliver shin of beef pie which was in the Radio Times, followed by pancakes and ice cream which we didn’t make in the end because the pie filled us up! The butcher said 2 other people had asked for shin of beef chopped up and a bit of bone to go with it that week. It was very very nice and not too heavy on the meat side as it was mixed with pearl barley.
    Second menu was to be easy to serve up immediately after going to a Christmas theatre matinee performance, supermarket duck and orange pate with toast made at the last minute, a slow cook Anthony Worral Thompson goulash (very easy) with stir fry noodles, cabbage and olive bread followed by pear and ginger trifle from my 2011 Dairy Diary, which is irrestisible…and hasn’t helped my recent weight gain.
    Find a nice trifle dish – I’ve got my grandmother’s old 1930s green one.
    Recipe for Trifle:
    1lb pears, peeled cored and sliced
    1/4 pt cider
    2 oz soft brown sugar
    Jamaican Ginger cake (get it from Asda) half a loaf sliced
    3/4 pt custard, cooled
    8 fl oz double cream whipped
    grated zest of lime and orange (optional)

    Place pears in pan with cider and sugar. Simmer 10 mins till soft and then leave to cool.
    Arrange ginger cake in a glass serving dish and pour pears and cider over the top. Top with cooled custard and leave to set.
    Spoon whipped cream on the top around the edge (or all over!) and sprinkle with orange and lime zest if using. Serve chilled. Don’t make this if you will have to eat the leftovers for the next two days and don’t want to be a stone overweight!!!

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