Summer Barbecue Meal Plan

When it is hot my husband would love to barbecue every single night, but I have to consider our budget when meal planning. After shopping at the butchers our bill was rather large so I added fish to our barbecue plan and compromised on some nights by substituting a cheap meal like pasta. See what you think….

  1. Barbecued Trout, green salad and rice.
  2. Kedgeree (I use a Nigella Lawson recipe – read it here) with salad.
  3. Barbecued Sausages, new potato salad, rocket salad.
  4. Bacon, spinach and creme fraiche pasta with salad.
  5. Barbecued Chinese spiced ribs, rice salad, rocket and radish salad.
  6. Barbecued Mackerel fillets, new potatoes and tomato salad.
  7. Barbecued Minted Lamb chops, cous cous and marinated green bean salad.

How can you do a really tasty barbecue really quickly?

We have found the answer by buying all our meat already marinated from the butcher. Buying marinated meat is only a few pennies more but it saves time and we have been so impressed with the quality. The butcher is able to marinate the meat for much longer than we would and as a result the meat tastes incredible!

I enjoyed watching Jamie Oliver’s episode of ‘Jamie at Home’ on Channel 4, where he shared loads of great tips on barbecuing, watch it here.

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