I’ve always enjoyed making cakes and slowly over the years practising and reading cookery books I think I’ve got quite good at it. Well, at least my friends and family have told me so. Whenever I bake a cake I hear “If you’re making cake save me some!” or “Is there any chance you could make more of this?” and “Did you actually make this yourself?” – why do people ask that last question? Yes I can make good cake!!!!

When my birthday comes along my Mum starts to worry: who will make the cake for the cake maker? For my 30th birthday my family had planned a surprise cake with my picture to be printed on it, this was to be bought from Asda, but due to the printing machine being broken in several shops it didn’t materialise. Anyway, I had guessed that my cake was being organised, partly because I ordered a photo cake for my brother on his 30th and partly because everyone went off shopping to Asda. After predicting my surprise cake early, I was really pleased to find I was wrong.

Since we were on holiday in North Norfolk my parents went to the market town of Holt and bought a fantastic cake from a shop called Byfords. I’ve seen the cake in Byfords shop window before and thought it looked good and I’m happy to say it tasted as good as a homemade cake. It was delicious.

From the packaging we found that the cakes have become so popular that they have moved out from their cafe to make a new company called Sponge. As well as being able to make mouthwatering traditional cakes the company are clearly forward thinking. Here are some of the great offers they can provide:

  1. A cake subscription – delivery of a cake a month for the same price as a subscription to a glossy magazine; a great present idea.
  2. Delivery of a cake anywhere in the UK for £20 – so if you can’t be with your family or friends then you can send them a cake so show you are thinking of them.
  3. Pimp your sponge – add anything from candles to wrapping paper to personalise your cake.
  4. Gluten free cakes in certain varieties.
  5. Sponges made in small batches to ensure high standards are met for all cakes.

With my cake was a postcard asking me to share my sponge moment. My photograph shows my sponge moment; after a busy and long day my little boy feel asleep before his dinner and was put to bed fully dressed. Later in the evening with a hungry tummy Baby G, who is cake mad, woke up just as the cake was being served (how did he manage that?) and so a sleepy baby boy still cuddling his toy dog made his entrance just in time to enjoy our cake and star in my photo!

Thank you Sponge for making me a birthday cake that is as good as I could make myself.


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3 Responses to Sponge

  1. Jen says:

    Love this one! Gorgeous G and gorgeous mummy!!

  2. matt says:

    sponge looks great! Do they deliver outside norfolk?

  3. Vicky says:

    They deliver anywhere in the UK.

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