Samphire Pork Pie

About two weeks ago in Norfolk my family and I went for a picnic in the grounds of Blickling Hall. We visited the Samphire food shop, which is situated in a building at the entrance to the estate.

My husband wanted to buy pork pies but my past experiences have been pretty disappointing. They have always been a bland, dense filling surrounded by rubbery jelly and served out of sweaty plastic packaging. I just did not want to eat them. However, Samphire has changed all this. We enjoyed eating their Rare Breed Pork Pie so much that we visited again the next week. It is moist, light, succulent, deliciously spiced and totally fantastic. I adored it and since we’ve been home I’ve often thought about how nice it would be to eat another of their pork pies! I am craving one as I write now.

Giles Coren called these pork pies the best he had ever eaten and I have a new respect for this food critic as he clearly knows what he is talking about. They are the best pork pies I have ever eaten. I am spreading the word and encouraging others to try these pies, if you are in Norfolk make Samphire a destination and eat one or more of their pork pies, you can visit the shop at Blicking Hall or in Wymondham. I am happy to have seen you can also order them online here.

I can not talk highly enough of Samphire and all its produce – you must visit this shop when in Norfolk!

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2 Responses to Samphire Pork Pie

  1. So glad you’re a convert!
    I had the pleasure of Samphire’s pies when they were at the Letchworth Food Festival. You’re right they are superb!

  2. Vicky says:

    Thank you for your comments. The Letchworth Food Festival sounds interesting! Samphire is a great shop.

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