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This is one of the tasty meals I cooked last week from the Sainsbury’s Feed Your Family for £50 promotion. Sainsbury’s have devised a meal planner that feeds a family of 4 three meals a day for a whole week for £50. Since my blog is called I Love Meal Plans, and it is true I do love them, I thought I’d better check out Sainsbury’s offer. A big thank you to Sainsbury’s for sending me a weeks worth of shopping to try their meal planner. Take a look at just how much shopping turned up:

My meal plans focus on one main meal a day but I was pleased that Sainsbury’s made sure to include breakfast and lunch into their meal plan.I found it really helpful to think about breakfast and lunch. Putting a whole weeks menu down on paper shows exactly what you are eating and helps to consider the balance of carbs and protein, as well as seeing if you really do eat 5 fruit and veg a day. I found that planning every meal made me think about healthier eating habits. This was also supported by the lack of snacks, £50 provided three meals a day, but nothing extra and this made me reconsider my need to snack, because the meals provided really did fill me up.

My main focus of meal planning is the sense of calm it creates for me. I know exactly what we are eating each day, I know I have the ingredients I need and I do not have to waste head space on a daily basis pondering over what to cook. This week Sainsbury’s went even further and had done all the planning for me, because all of the meals and recipes are online and available in a useful pamphlet instore. If you are not used to meal planning this is a great way to give it a go and see how meal plans can really bring a calm to your kitchen.

As you can imagine with a meal plan devised by somebody else there were some meals we really enjoyed, while there were others with food I wouldn’t usually eat that I found I liked and a couple of dishes that didn’t go down so well. It would be great in the future to have the chance to pick and choose the meals from Sainsbury’s library of recipes so the meal plans can become individual. Anyway, for now we were very impressed! I don’t shop in Sainsbury’s but I’ve already been over to our local store ot pick up some things I particualrly liked from their meal plan. In store I found that Sainsbury’s have a much better baking aisle than any other supermarket I’ve been to; a definite reason for a food blogger to go back.

Most of all this week has made me realise that I’m not alone in wanting to meal plan. Meal planning can save you money, but it also gets you organised and can make you healthier too. You can read all of my reasons for meal planning here. The overall feel of Sainsbury’s meal plan was that they did not cut back too much, they had free range eggs and freedom endorsed chicken. However, I am a foodie and have particular ideas about some products, I only eat butcher’s sausages because I know the meat is good and has less fat, I support free range products and like to support small quality producers. Meal planning is not only about saving money, sometimes I spend more for personal reasons – who could eat battery chicken after watching Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstalls Chicken Out campaign? Maybe Sainsbury’s will consider having meal plans for a variety of budgets, because this week I reconfirmed that meal planning is more much more than just about saving money.

Would I try this again? I would definitely give Sainsbury’s meal plans another try , it is possible to alter the shopping list to include different products, the price will come out differently, but you can still get organised using their meal planners. In fact, I’ve been busy on Sainsbury’s website looking at all their resources, there are other meal plans, nutritional ideas, recipes; Sainsbury’s I’m impressed.

Here are a few pictures of our week, more photos to come later this week:

Sainsbury’s latest meal planner was launched this week making it their third meal plan for £50.

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  1. jen says:

    I like this. I like how their meal plan has helped you appreciate the choices you make with your shopping, i.e supporting local suppliers and getting decent meat. I totally agree. I will try it by adding all the food in the online basket, then updating it and substituting the meat for organic, etc. Or better still, popping to my local butchers;

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