Royal Wedding Party Meal Plan

I’m taking meal planning to a different place this week. My near hysteria at the quickly approaching Royal Wedding is, while slightly annoying to my husband, becoming infectious with most people I meet! I wouldn’t say I’m a Royalist, but I do think the Royal family bring a good source of money via the tourist trade to our country. The reason for my excitment is I love a good wedding, a love story and in this case a real life fairy story with an ordinary girl marrying a prince.

Anyway, back to party planning. Here are my ideas for a hassle free party, both for a morning/breakfast party and a lunch/post wedding party.

Royal Wedding Breakfast Party:

  • Try out my Royal Wedding Breakfast Cakes – delicious savoury cakes topped with bacon, sausage and tomato sauce. These treats featured in The Times top cakes for their Royal Bake Off competition!
  • Smoked salmon & scrabbled eggs
  • Croissants
  • Champagne/Cava & orange juice

Royal Wedding Lunch Party:

My easy, delicious and British theme is the Sandwich Buffet. Plenty of gorgeous sandwich fillings laid out for guests to make up to their own preference. I think this buffet is perfect for a small gathering, anything over 20 and you may find queue developing at your ‘sandwich making bar’

Here is how to do this:

  1. The day before cook several joints of meat (beef, chicken, gammon), slice thinly ready for sandwiches. (Alternatively go totally hassle free and head off to your local butcher for some good quality freshly sliced meats).
  2. Provide plenty of good quality sliced bread (you could pre-butter these or leave guests to do this)
  3. Layout a selection of condiments, pickle, mayonnaise, mustard, horseradish and remember butter or margarine.
  4. Prepare and slice a range of salad ingredients.
  5. Add a cheese board to ensure vegetarian fillings are available.
  6. Provide several bread boards for sandwiches to be cut.
  7. Allow guests to make up sandwiches to their own choices.
  8. For dessert/cake make my version of the Royal Wedding Reception Cake – Royal Wedding Tiffin.

There you have it: a fun Royal Wedding lunch party with a sandwich buffet of traditional British ingredients. Easy for any host to prepare and a unique experience for guests who can try a variety of fillings at your ‘Sandwich Bar’.

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