Rossi Ice Cream

It’s been hot today so we made a visit to our family beach hut and yes of course we had to eat ice cream. I feel that if you live locally you have to have a Rossi Ice Cream. There is something about the taste and texture that is unique, delicious and it has to be tried.

What I love most about Rossi Ice Cream is that has been made locally since the Rossi family came to Southend in the 1930s. Southend and its day trippers have been able to enjoy this ice cream for over 80 years; it is a real tradition. On the Rossi website I found out that in 2006, with no heirs, the Rossi family sold the business but the new owners continue to use the original family recipes which created the ice cream’s fame.

If you would like to find out any more information on Rossi, see where it is on sale or look at the Rossi family photo album visit the website:

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