Rhubarb Crumble Recipe

We are very lucky because my husband has made crumble twice in one week. I am particularly pleased with this as the rhubarb came from our own garden! He informs me he plans to make rhubard chutney tomorrow and I’ll be documenting that on the blog soon.

The recipe was by Nigella and since I can’t find the recipe on her website you can take a look instead at RecipeZaar.com where they have published the recipe.

For me custard is a must with crumble and we had it straight from a carton. Food snobs may be disappointed in my premade  custard, but it is quick and easy so that makes it a definite for my store cupboard. After a busy day with our boy and visiting grandparents we had no energy to make real custard and who could do it with a small boy running around looking for attention?

What do you think? Who does make their own custard? Who likes in from a carton? Please leave your comments…

*Sorry for any changes from the original post – it disappeared from the blog so it’s been revamped and now it’s back.

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One Response to Rhubarb Crumble Recipe

  1. Jen says:

    One of my favourites!! It looks great. Our rhubarb is doing nicely too, not quite ready to pick though, so I made another Nigella recipe last night; pear and chocolate pudding. Plus, I definitely agree- you HAVE to have custard with your crumble! (and it goes well with chocolate pud)