Pouring Yogurt

This week George and I have had the pleasure of testing some delicious pouring yogurt and I say pleasure because it really has been! Danone sent me some vouchers to try their Activia Pouring Yogurt and we have really enjoyed ourselves. It comes in three flavours, natural, vanilla and strawberry and is packed full of pro-biotics.

Everyday this week we’ve been pouring lots of vanilla yogurt over our homemade muesli. I liked the change from milk and for my 2 year old the thicker consistency than milk prevented the usual amount dripping all down his top. George was delighted when he saw me pouring out his yogurt for the first time – he exclaimed “Oh custard”. He loves custard and so I’ve been thinking that this could be used as an alternative to full fat custard, ideal poured over hot puddings.

The next use I found for the yogurt was my new invention of George’s smoothie. I mixed flavoured pouring yogurt with his usual milk in his beaker. With the yogurt added to his drink it made it more filling and tastier than plain milk. This pouring yogurt would make great fruit smoothies as well.

Later in the week I used the natural pouring yogurt in my Quick Bread recipe instead of mixing yogurt and milk as I usually do, this made my quick bread even quicker!

I really like this new concept of the pouring yogurt. There are so many ways to use it, this weekend we’ll be using it to make a creamy curry because the natural yogurt would work well added to savoury sauces.

I’m really pleased I had the chance to try out the pouring yogurt. It is a great addition to the household shopping list. It has something for everyone. It is great for:

  1. Pouring over desserts.
  2. Making Fruit smoothies.
  3. Pouring over cereal/muesli.
  4. Making savoury sauces.
  5. Using as an alternative to buttermilk, as in my Quick Bread recipe.
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5 Responses to Pouring Yogurt

  1. Matt says:

    Nice! I sometimes had drinkable yoghurt in japan! Does the danone yoghurt have much added sugar?

  2. Vicky says:

    The flavoured yogurts have added sugar but the natural yogurt does not.

  3. jen says:

    Yes, I’ve seen the ads for this stuff and quite fancy trying it on my cereal and I’m sure Jake will love it too. A good way to get an 18 month boy to get more calcium in! Pleased to hear you’ve tried it as it’s convinced me. Oh and I must try that bread recipe.

  4. jen says:

    Bought the vanilla one today- it’s on offer in Asda (£1.50) I’m looking forward to trying it on our cereal in the morning.

  5. linda barry says:

    i think its nice really nice mmmmmm

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