Our Apple Tree – Chapter 2

I’m delighted to announce that after three years it looks as though we will have a good apple crop this year. The blossom I photographed earlier this year has progressed and we have counted at least 40 apples so far!

As I explained in chapter 1 my husband and I made the mistake of assuming lots of branches meant the tree was healthy. We have since learnt that a well pruned fruit tree is a happy fruit tree bearing lots of fruit. I have also learnt that the shade under our apple tree is the perfect place for Baby G’s paddling pool. The weather here has turned hot and we’ve been enjoying our garden, but when it’s this hot it’s easy to burn so it has been idyllic sitting in the shade of our apple tree while Baby G splashes in the paddling pool. When the sun is shining Britian is fantastic, we can relax in the garden, enjoy a Pimms (adults only!), eat strawberries and cook on the barbecue, what a great way to spend Saturday as a family.

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