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First of all I made it onto the front page of The Times supplement this Thursday with my Strawberry Jubilee Cake. Very exciting for me and especially my Mum who does the crossword and sudoku in this supplement every day.

Secondly, I’ve been selected as a member of The Sainsbury’s Bank for Family Bloggers. Recently they ran a competition for their favourite blog and I was surprised that nearly all of the finalists had very personal blogs sharing lots about themselves. I’ve always concentrated on the recipes, and food information rather than on myself and realised maybe I should give a little bit more of me.

So this weekend I thought I’d share a personal moment for me. This photo is of my husband and I going out together for the evening. This is something of a personal triumph for me and I am celebrating today because since my son was born over 3 years ago I have hardly ever been out in the evening with my husband. I have always suffered with anxiety, but once George was born it went off the scale and I had post-natal depression. I have been up and down ever since and socialising is one of the biggest problems for me. Certainly going out for the evening to a bar with music and friends would be perfect for some, but for me it is just filled with a whole host of my own phobias and can make me feel unwell for days before and after. However, this time it was my sister-in-law’s 30th birthday and she was jointly celebrating her husband’s 40th birthday. I wanted to join everyone instead of staying at home by myself and I did it! I put on a dress, makeup, did my hair and practised all of my positive thinking, all of the things I’ve learnt at counselling and I did it! We went to a place I would never choose to go in, the music was loud, it was hot and it was a long way from a tea room, vintage sale or a visit to a National Trust property, but this was one step closer to knowing that when I need to I can do it. I’ve also learnt to share my feelings so when I know I’ve tried and given it a go I can happily say it’s time to leave and my family and friends know that I’m not boring or rude but that I’ve done my best and I can’t do anymore. So if you’ve ever suffered with anxiety or depression there are others of us out there and we are just taking one day at a time.

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  1. Audrey Naylor says:

    Very brave of you to share Vicky.

  2. Rachael knight says:

    Very well done Vicky on both accounts! You are certainly a yummy mummy! Hope you enjoyed your evening! Hope to see you soon! X

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