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Over the past few months I have had a difficult time, there has been an ongoing saga of finding the right school for George when none of the schools we liked had spaces for children out of catchment. Now that it is settled and he starts school in September I should have more time to develop my blog and supper club. With more time to spend on my blog I want to make some changes and improvements, finding out what recipes or food stories people want me to focus on. The first stage of my improvements has been to think about updating the look of my blog. I am very pleased to say that I have had professional advise in the form of the fantastic graphic designers at Adlo Creative, which luckily for me has its’ head office in Leigh-on-Sea. They are a fantastic company specialising in web design, branding and advertising. They have designed four logos for but I have yet to choose my favourite.

Here is the best part: I have uploaded all four Adlo logos so that you can choose my logo for me. Take a look below and please vote for your favourite in my first ever official poll. I want to know which logo you think will look best representing my blog in my header, as a logo on emails and business cards etc. Most of the logos show different colours and while I’m going to make the final colours please leave comments either here or on my facebook page about any preferences you have. Right lets get started with the voting….

Which logo is best for my blog?

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3 Responses to My New Logo

  1. Audrey Naylor says:

    Liked number one – retro and not as mainstream as the others. x

  2. Some of these designs don’t really address the need to be rendered at a range of different sizes. The font for the third needs to be made *much* more readable. The second one is my favourite as an iconic design, but the heart shape usually replaces the word “love” but in this case replaces just the letters “ove”. I suspect that if you tested it with some people who don’t know the name of your company they might guess wrong – isn’t “il” an Italian word? Finally, they’re all good at expressing the love and meals aspect of your name, but could do with some creative thinking to express the plans aspect of what you do.

  3. Vicky says:

    Thank you for your thoughts! I think the issue of fonts will be ironed out before the final use – it is the concept/design ideas we are concentrating on at this stage.

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