Money Saving Tips – Guest Post

I was delighted to have an email from a reader sharing their own ideas. A big thank you to Caroline Wilson for her top money saving tips:

Caroline writes:

“I have cut my online shop from £70 a week to about £30 a week and still I have a freezer overflowing and a full cupboard. Here are my tips:

Firstly, I have just cottoned on to how supermarkets are using packaging sizes (eg this is only £1) or special offers such as ‘2 for 1’ to trick us into spending more on food.

For example, two packs of cheese, the one that costs less appears to be good value – but check the price per kilo and you find you are really paying more. Cereals for example – a huge box looks better value than a small box – but the smaller box may be heavier and better value per kilo – filling you up better.

I have been through my online grocery shopping site and made a pre-written list of all foods that are good value by weight – using this information I then designed a healthy, varied, two week menu plan using these foods.

Secondly, buying online is worth the delivery charge because you are not tempted away from your list or by packaging. You can also decide what to put back if you have gone over your budget.

My weekly menu could include:

1.     Omelette,

2.     Nut roast,

3.     Fresh mackerel and veg,

4.     Homemade pizza,

5.     Pasta with mince, peppers, etc spicy beans and couscous,

6.     Homemade soup,

7.     Stir fry.

Thirdly, another key to money saving has been to switch to mainly frozen vegetables, peas, sweetcorn, peppers rather than fresh.

Fourthly, I remember that most things freeze – so if something in your fridge is unlikely to be used – such as celery or mushrooms or any leftovers – freeze them before they go off. They may change texture slightly but can be used in soups and stews without anyone noticing. I even freeze things like olives from a jar or even tomato puree or left over wine – if you can’t use it stick it in a plastic tub or bag and freeze it.

I really can’t believe how much can be saved.”

Thanks so much to Caroline. I love Guest Bloggers! Email me if you’d like to contribute.

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