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There are three issues I always consider when meal planning:

  1. Healthy, balanced meals;
  2. Money saving recipes;
  3. Simple, quick recipes I can cook while also paying attention to my 3 year old.

For me the money saving recipes have to be balanced out with what is quick and easy. I find cooking from scratch is money saving but time consuming, baking your own loaf of bread can cost only pennies compared to the same product in the local shop. However, on busy days I have to consider whether I can spend a few extra pennies to save time. To top this off I always have to read the ingredients in any shop bought items to make sure that the salt and sugar content is not too high, or that there are no hydrogenated fats used.

With so many things to consider when feeding my family I do like to stick to a meal plan. So, when I find a weeks worth of recipes that worked well, everyone enjoyed, I found easy to cook and easy on my budget, then I like to keep a record of it. Here is a meal plan I did a couple of weeks ago which fitted all my criteria:

  1. Homemade Pizza and salad;
  2. Meatballs, rice and salad;
  3. Stir Fry;
  4. Sausages, mash and vegetables;
  5. Fishcakes with salad;
  6. Steak, wedges and salad;
  7. Roast pork and vegetables.

I am looking for guest bloggers to be featured on Mondays sharing their meal plans. That way we can swap ideas and build up a bigger picture of how others are saving time and money in the kitchen. Please leave a comment below or email me if you would like to be a guest blogger.

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3 Responses to Meal Plans

  1. Audrey Naylor says:

    Not sure what you mean about being a guest blogger – but if you would like a list of what we eat every week – I do plan ahead, usually write a shopping list some time between Tuesday and Friday and get it often via the Asda van, or drive to one of the supermarkets.

  2. Anna says:

    Hi Victoria,

    I also live in Leigh and weirdly also have a son called George. I try to do a meal plan every week and would like to be a guest poster… Anna x

  3. Anna says:

    we did actually talk on Twitter once before about taking your son to a lambing session when you were in Norfolk. Just realised that…! (Random)

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