Meal Plans 4 Men

My big brother Simon inspired me to design a 7 day meal plan. I wanted him to be able to eat a healthy diet, but knew that time and effort would always make him go back for a quick pizza or a takeaway.

Here I share 7 realistic meals which are quick, easy and inexpensive. You will also find tips on how to keep the plan interesting and vary it each week, how to achieve these meals in minutes and how to choose healthier options if you still dip into the takeaway menu! I’m realistic so don’t offer recipes for everything; instead I suggest shop bought sauces which I consider to be a reasonable price, taste good and don’t have too many hidden unhealthy ingredients (it’s good to check the label of any shop bought product to see what ingredients you will be eating).

The Basic 7 day meal plan:

1. Stir Fry

2. Tomato Pasta

3. Mince

4. Fish

5. Curry

6. Meat

  • Sausage
  • Chops
  • Steak

All of these can be cooked under the grill and served a quick jacket potato, salad or microwave vegetables.

7. Creamy Pasta

These are just a few ideas to show that from a formula of 7 meals you can have something easy but different to eat every week. More recipes and tips coming soon.


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