Meal Plan Basics

I feel like I need a real break from concentrating on cooking so I can focus on other activities. My boy is loving craft activities and I need to switch some of my baking days for painting and gluing days. In order to still keep organised in the kitchen I’ve decided to focus less on new recipes, and instead have a theme for each day of the week. This means, for example, that Mondays can be jacket potatoes with fillings. Here the basic structure to my meal plan week:

  • Sunday: Roast
  • Monday: Jacket Potatoes with Sunday Roast leftovers (e.g. roast chicken becomes coronation chicken)
  • Tuesday: Pasta
  • Wednesday: Sausages or Mince
  • Thursday: Fish
  • Friday: Pizza
  • Saturday: Stir Fry or Curry

This basic list can give me a lot of variety, my pasta day could be anything from Spaghetti Bolognese to a Creamy Carbonara, but essentially it puts more structure into my meal planning. I’m starting this week and will update my meal plans accordingly.

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2 Responses to Meal Plan Basics

  1. Lucy says:

    Hi there

    I used to structure my weeks in this way and found it works really well. Enough structure to keep life simple but not so prescriptive that I start to rebel! I would then have one or two fallback dishes in each category – dead simple, storecupboard type options – but when I had time I tried other things.

    For me I can freeze up and end up with zero ideas when I think ‘what shall I have for dinner?’ and the choice is ‘anything’; thinking what pasta shall I have today is much simpler. I think I might go back to a similar system for weeknights and lunches.

    Thanks for a great site,

  2. Bev says:

    I always plan out my meals otherwise I would come home with loads of stuff I don’t need and none of the things I do! It’s probably the only way in my life that I am organised. It’s very amusing that your weekly plan looks almost exactly like mine! Yesterday was our stir fry day! 😉

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