Meal Plan

After the summer holidays I am officially back into a routine of meal planning. Whenever I take break from meal planning I realise how beneficial it really is; I feel less stressed, more organised and things run more smoothly. There are no last minute dashes to the local shop, I do not have to stand at the fridge thinking through options each day and I can get meals ready quickly before people get too hungry.

Here is this week’s plan including puddings:
(remember I don’t assign fixed days to each meal, I do work down my list but sometimes swap days, that way although I am still planning I can also have some spontaneity.)

1. Ham & cheese pasta. Summer fruit custard fool.
2. Chicken baked with passata and peppers. Crumble & custard.
3. Stir fry. Fruit cheese cake.
4. Meatballs & rice. Fruit & yogurt.
5. Macaroni cheese. Baked apples with raisins & custard.
6. Steak, salad & potato wedges. Ice cream & bananas.
7. Roast chicken. Chocolate mousse & blueberries.

Possible lunches:
1. Spaghetti hoops & toast.
2. Fish fingers.
3. Left over chicken in sandwiches.
4. Poached eggs.
5. Homemade minestrone soup.
6. Cheese on toast.
7. Chicken noodle broth.

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