Macaroni Cheese

I really love macaroni cheese but I find to make it from scratch takes time and makes a lot of dirty dishes to be washed up! Instead I sometimes make my quick version, it uses all good ingredients and is good for when you are in a hurry.

Quickest Ever Macaroni Cheese
Serves 4


300g Pasta (you may want more or less depending on how hungry you are)
500ml crème fraiche
100ml milk
2tsp English mustard
200g grated cheddar cheese (or cheese of your choice)
6 savoury biscuits of your choice ( Jacobs cream crackers or Ryvitas work well)


  1. Put pasta on to cook as per instructions on packet
  2. Empty crème fraiche into a saucepan on a very low heat, stir continuously and do not allow to boil, add milk slowly, a little at a time, keep stirring or the sauce can split.
  3. Add mustard and grated cheese when crème fraiche has loosened, keep stirring.
  4. Turn heat off under sauce and pour cooked pasta into sauce.
  5. Put the grill on high and place sauce and pasta into an ovenproof dish, crumble the crackers over the top and add a little black pepper or some mixed herbs
  6. Place dish into the oven until the top has coloured and is a little crunchy, this should only take a few minutes, but can burn so do not leave for long.

Serving suggestion:

Green salad and roasted tomatoes.

5 A Day Addition:

Stir through either a bag of fresh spinach or a tin of sweetcorn or maybe peas at stage 4.

Ways to Make this Meal Quick, Quicker, Quickest

–       Put your grill on to preheat while cooking so you won’t have to wait for it to warm up later.

–       Buy a bag of pre-grated cheese.

–       Use an ovenproof saucepan to make your sauce in, then when you add the pasta and topping keep it all in the same pan, it can go under the grill like this and you won’t have any more dishes to wash up. (If you like to see the finished dish looking good rather than in a saucepan, just serve the meal onto plates before it gets to the table.)

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2 Responses to Macaroni Cheese

  1. mom from nixa says:

    Here’s an even easier recipe
    Cook macaroni noodles
    1T Butter
    2/3C Cubed Velveeta(if you want it cheesier add a little at a time until you get the consistency that you want)
    1/4C Milk
    Drain the noodles then add the rest of the ingredients and microwave 2 min at a time and stir. Once all of the cheese is melted I stir in salt and pepper and microwave 1 min longer.

  2. Vicky says:

    I’m interested in your recipe. Since I’m British can you tell me how much 1T of butter is?

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