Lunch Plans

Until this week I’ve kept lunch time adhoc and not planned a menu. Although surprisingly I do plan my husband’s lunches and get them organised! Something I’ll talk about another time. Now I’ve decided that this isn’t working well for me, often I cannot find anything to eat! I waste time thinking about lunch each day and if I have to pop to the local shop I waste time and money, these are all reasons that I started meal planning, so it’s time to start lunch planning. As well, my big brother has been bestowing the benefits of having a protein filled lunch to keep my energy levels high with Baby G in the afternoon, another reason to get planning.

I’ve kept my lunch plans simple to keep costs low and time spent in the kitchen at lunch time to a minimum. A bonus to my lunch planning is I have been able to incorporate my leftovers so that they really do get used up. I’ve planned for five weekdays, leaving the weekends free as we often go to the bakers or have a picnic on a warm day.

  1. Cheese on toast.
  2. Chicken sandwiches.
  3. Cheese & tomato pasta.
  4. Scrambled eggs on toast.
  5. Soup and a roll.

Can you suggest any quick, healthy lunch ideas?

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