Leftovers – Use Your Roast Chicken

On my meal plan page I plan a roast dinner once a week. In England we love to have a roast dinner on Sunday, but it’s not always the case as often I like to do a slow cooked joint of meat in my ‘crock pot’ midweek. One reason I like to have a roast each week is the cost; I use the leftovers in lots of different meals during the week and so from one purchase I have many meals. When I cook a roast chicken I am usually able to make another meal, a round of sandwiches and a litre of stock. Here I give you 10 ways to use your leftover chicken, but as a guide I use my leftovers within three days or I freeze them to be cooked hot again another day – remember to make sure all reheated food has been cooked piping for several minutes before serving. You may find this link helpful for advice on reheating food

10 Ideas for your leftover roast chicken:

  1. Mustard and mayonnaise sandwiches
  2. Risotto
  3. Coronation Chicken
  4. Creamy Pasta Bake
  5. Stir fry Rice
  6. Chicken Salsa Wraps
  7. Chicken Stock
  8. Chicken Curry
  9. Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Salad
  10. Chicken & Chorizo Pasta

I will be uploading some of these recipes to the blog over the coming weeks. If you would like a recipe to appear soon then please leave a comment or email info@ilovemealplans.com

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