Jamie’s Food Revolution

I’ve been avidly watching Jamie Oliver’s new show on channel 4. It is addictive and very eye opening. If you haven’t been watching it you can catch up on youtube here.

Just like the channel 4 show Jamie’s School Dinners, Jamie visits school canteens, but this time in America. He wants to see exactly what food kids are being served. The results from both shows are quite shocking. Pizza for breakfast – yes pizza for breakfast – you have to watch this show to believe it.

Jamie makes us realise that we all need to consider what we are eating; consider the hidden fats, sugars and salts in our shop bought convenience foods. He also emphasises how important it is to get kids involved in home cooking – luckily since I love to cook and have a teaching degree I find it easy to get my little boy involved – but Jamie’s project is great because it shows others, who may feel less confident in the kitchen, where to get started. Teaching children about basic food ingredients is one place to start and in one of the youtube clips below you can see just why it is so important.

As a Mum one of the most interesting sections of the show so far was to see how Jamie Oliver tried to show children how bad foods like chicken nuggets can be for them, and regardless they still wanted to eat them – watch the clips from the show below they will really get you thinking! Watch Jamie today channel 4 10pm.

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