Home Baking by Jo Wheatley

jo wheatleyI think Jo Wheatley is fantastic; two years ago she was the winner of The Great British Bake Off. Rather unfairly she was my favourite from the start, after all she is a Mum from Essex who loves to bake – just the same as me. Yet, it was her down-to-earth, unassuming nature, matched by her skill that consolidated my support for her.

Last week I was delighted to receive Jo’s second book ‘Home Baking’ to review.  I was so impressed with Jo’s first book which was much more than I had expected that when her second book came along I was unsure how many more recipes Jo would have. How wrong I was! Jo’s second book is bigger than her last, more recipes, a greater variety, and once again real recipes that you actual want to start cooking straight away.

This is why I love Jo, her book is made for real people and with what I call ‘real ingredients’ – ingredients you can find in your local shops. I’m looking forward to trying her Stem Ginger Cheeesecake, Fruit and Nut Brownies, Cornbread and I could go on. Fantastic! From one Essex Mum to another I know that Jo has skill, talent and passion. Seeing Jo’s food brought to life in her beautifully styled books and knowing this is the food she dishes up for her family and friends inspires me. I am encouraged to keep striving on to improve, bake more, cook more and know that homemade food is really appreciated. Thank you Jo.

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