Woo hoo!!!!! My very first website, my first blog entry. It’s taken me about four months to get here and I’m proud to say from my meagre computer knowledge I’ve created this site all on my own.

Well I promise regular food related blogs and today how ironic that I didn’t use a meal plan, instead we treated ourselves and ate an Indian takeaway. It was delicious and can you believe it, thirteen minutes later and it was here!

Now, I do have one money saving tip: How often do you end up throwing half your takeaway in the bin? Often there is just too much food, so we order a meal for one and share it between two. We find we have plenty to eat, no food left over and no wasted money. Then we feel full up but not totally stuffed.

Off to bed happy now, I’ve spent all my evening working on my site and I’m proud to say I’m officially a blogger!

Love Vicky xx

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  1. Matt says:

    love it! can’t wait to see some plans – you’re a great cook so I know they will be great!

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