Grow Your Own?

In my pursuit of both time and money saving in the kitchen growing your own fruit and vegetables is an interesting topic for me. I’m no gardener but before Baby G came along I did manage to grow a few vegetables, beetroot, rocket, garlic etc. Then I had the time to fuss over my vegetables and every night I spent time carefully removing slugs from my patch – we seemed to have a lot of slugs! Now at the time I would have been in the garden I’m upstairs fussing over Baby G and his bedtime routine.

It was very satisfying growing some of my own food. It was convienient too, just stepping out of the back door for my salad ingredients. However, now I’m a Mummy I’ve clearly come down hard on the side of saving time over saving money when it comes to growing vegetables. Should I get back into growing my own? Can it still be done with less time to spend in the garden? Certainly having an allotment has become more popular and lots have a long waiting list as everyone scrambles for a small plot to cultivate. After watching a recent morning news slot which suggested that growing your own vegetables didn’t save any money after the price of tools, seeds, seedlings, pots, canes was factored in I decided to do a little research myself. I found only positive articles about the money saving benefits, one family claims to have saved around £6,000! Read the article for yourself here.

What do you think? Can anyone give me any tips? How can I get started in my garden again or indeed should I save time and head to the supermarket instead? Please leave comments!

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