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My local baker is only a short walk away, Baby G and I usually make a trip once a week to stock up on their speciality bread. Sadly they have been shut for their summer holidays but they are open again and I’m desperate to get over there this week. They make a fantastic range of yeast free products. I’ve been trying to avoid too much yeast in my diet for a few years now. After taking antibiotics I got several stomach bugs in a row and found out I had candida. This took the form of a yeast infection in my stomach with too much bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria to fight off any stomach bugs. Ever since then I’ve thought it good to limit the amount of yeast in my diet. I’ve discovered it is in all sorts of food from sausages to crisps. I still can’t figure out why crisps need to have yeast extract? Can anybody answer that for me?

Now, my local baker’s is the only place locally that we can buy yeast free products, they make good bread, delicious rolls, pastries, sausage rolls as well as other yeast free products. I adore their Chelsea buns, although they are not yeast free! This year they are finalists in the Essex Food & Drink Awards Baker of the Year. As you can imagine I voted for them and I hope they win. They are good old fashioned bakers doing a good job, the shop has been the same forever and unlike modern competitors they don’t need a fancy sign or marketing gimmicks, they have loyal customers. I have been pleased to find they do have a website and it is regularly updated.

I love the shop so much, there is nothing better than having good local shops within walking distance. Walking to my local shop I feel good about myself; getting some exercise and fresh air makes me feel a little less guilty when I tuck into some yummy treats!

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  1. matt says:

    yum i must go there!

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