George’s 4th Birthday

This year for George’s 4th birthday I went all out and made two birthday cakes; one cake for our family on his actual birthday and a larger one for his birthday party. I was really pleased with his main birthday cake and George told me himself “This is the bestest birthday cake I’ve ever tasted. That means I love it” Being told this by your son makes all the hard work worth it. There was a lot more I wanted to improve and develop with this cake, but I couldn’t stay up all night – sleep is essential. By the way, you can see my improvement from last year’s birthday cake here. Still a good cake, but no 3D elements.

Our family cake was a first for me as I tried a chocolate cake recipe from American blog Annie’s Eats and made ganache following instructions from my latest cake book The Cake Decorating Bible by local Leigh-on-Sea girl ‘done good’ Juliet Sear. With this cake I learnt that, while dark chocolate ganache is a hit with the adults, for a 4 year old’s birthday cake less dark chocolate and a little milk chocolate is better. To top the cake off I made chocolate lollipops – which I will blog about soon as they are easy and cheap to make.

Finally George and I worked together to decorate cupcakes for his birthday party. They were inspired by another blog – this time Canadian blog Sweetapolita – a totally gorgeous blog filled with stunning cakes. I made my own blue sprinkles by mixing caster sugar with a drop of blue food colouring, this is an easy way to match your sprinkles to your theme or cupcake cases. We were using blue and white to work alongside George’s Thomas the Tank Engine theme; he is Thomas mad!

Maybe I’ve inspired you to try something new next time you bake a cake?

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