Fruit Picking Fun

This weekend we made it to our local ‘pick your own’ farm. Last weekend we just drove around looking for a farm I visited years ago only to find out it had closed! After some research I found the only ‘pick your own’ in the area. We met the farmer and she told us that sadly a lot of the local ‘pick your own’ have closed down and they are slowly all dying out. We can’t let this happen! Baby G loved fruit picking! He was so well behaved. He was totally absorbed, picking his own fruit and putting them in his container, he hardly needed any supervision as we got on with picking fruit ourselves.

We picked strawberries, gooseberries and tayberries. We had never heard of tayberries before, but they are just like raspberries and yesterday I made tayberry jam. Today we had gooseberry custard fool. Yummy! If you would like to go fruit picking, I’ve found a great website that lists lots of UK ‘pick your own’ farms.

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  1. Jen says:

    Love the pics! and especially the fact that G is wearing his red Thomas outfit to hide any possible strawberry stains!

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