Fruit Bottomed Yogurts

I love the expensive yogurts with the creamy yogurt and stewed fruit or jam at the bottom. Well I guess they aren’t always too expensive, but I’m always looking for ways to save pennies and I’ve found a way to make this treat at home. I used to just put some yogurt and jam in a bowl but I decided to make this dessert more attractive. Here is how easy it is:

  1. Find a small clear jar (I used an old baby food jar).
  2. Put  a couple of teaspoons of jam or stewed fruit at the bottom of the jar.
  3. Load up the rest of the jar with plain yogurt of your choice, I like greek yogurt.

My George likes to make his yogurt jar himself, it is a good way to get him involved and in my photo you can see him getting stuck into eating his dessert.

Why to give it a try:

  • They are cheaper than buying pre-made yogurts of this type.
  • You can make them with any flavour you like, giving you lots more choice than shop brands.
  • Pop on the lid to your jar and you can put these yogurts in a lunchbox.
  • They look very attractive when they are served.
  • Old jars are being recycled which means less waste than buying yogurts in plastic pots.
  • It is an incredibly quick way to make a pudding.
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3 Responses to Fruit Bottomed Yogurts

  1. These would be a fantastic breakfast on the morning of the wedding for the bride and her bridesmaids.

    On my wedding day it was so hectic I forgot to eat, and I have so many friends who didn’t eat as they were running around. These could be made a couple of days before and popped in the fridge – then eaten on the day – no mess, quick, healthy and easy! I suppose you could even add some granola.

  2. Vicky says:

    Great idea, they would be good for breakfast!

  3. Angela says:

    So delicious and quick and easy! Ideal for children!

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