Free Range Eggs

I like to buy free range eggs, but of course they are more expensive and here I’ve considered quality over price. I watched Hugh Fearnly Whittingstall’s free range chicken campaign on TV about two years ago and now when I can I like to consider where my food comes from. I’ve found that at Iceland and Lidl it is possible to buy 6 eggs for 99p. In most other supermarkets or local shops the price is over £1.50. At both Iceland and Lidl the eggs are not on special offer – 99p is the usual price and I think it is the best value around. The eggs are good quality and on two occasions I’ve bought half a dozen eggs and found every single egg to have a double yoke! I’ve only seen eggs like this once before in my life when as a child on a camping holiday my grandfather bought eggs at the local shop.

My quick, cheap recipe for eggs on my meal plan is frittata and during the week Baby G and I often have a soft boiled egg for lunch. Please share different ways to use eggs in a weekly meal plan and have you found anywhere that does a better deal than 99p for 6 eggs?

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  1. Jen says:

    I always buy free range too. The best place around here,other than Lidl, is to get your eggs from the Farmer’s Market. At Pangbourne Farmer’s Market you can buy half a dozen for £1 and I think it’s great value.

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