Fishy Fishy CookBook Giveaway

Exciting! A free giveaway! I have been sent this glossy hardback recipe book to give away in a competition. What is interesting about this book other than the great photography and delicious recipes? It has Dermot O’Leary in it, which I had not expected from a recipe book. However, Dermot is a co-owner of the restaurant Fishy Fishy and writes the foreword in this work as well as appearing in some of the photos. The restaurant is in Brighton and as you can guess from the title it is a fish restaurant.

I have really enjoyed looking through this book, it has lots of variety, from Barbeque & Alfresco Eating to Special Occasions, Side Dishes and Desserts – so not every recipe is a ‘fishy’ one. I love the photography and there are some mouthwatering recipes, but I’ve kept my viewing brief as this is a giveaway and you don’t want my sticky fingers all over it! This really is a great giveaway as it is a brand new hardback. If you would like to win this book enter my competition by completing one of the following:

  1. Click to follow me on either facebook or twitter (on the right hand column on my blog).
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post saying what is your favourite fish dish to cook at home – mine is stir fry prawns.
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Good Luck! I’ll announce the winner on facebook and twitter on the 19th Sept.

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5 Responses to Fishy Fishy CookBook Giveaway

  1. jen says:

    I’ve recently read about this restaurant, so your post is very timely. Sounds good, I must try and go when I’m in Sussex some time.

  2. jen says:

    Oh and my favourite fish dish is salmon cooked in the oven with cous cous and veg. Yum.

  3. Simon Bowhill says:

    My favourite fish dish is hake bake. You take a hake, then you bake it. Drizzle with a generous squeeze of fresh lemon, season to taste, and serve with crusty buppie and a green salad. It’s almost as good as clams and ham!

  4. My face fish dish is kedgeree.

  5. Katherine A says:

    Following you on Twitter as @mumoffunkids
    My favourite home cooked meal is Lasagne – takes a bit of time, but the effort is worth the end result.

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