First Flat Cookbook by Tiffany Goodall

First Flat Cookbook by Tiffany Goodall is a fantastic book. When I first opened the book I was really impressed. I think this is a book which stands out against its contemporaries; it is new, refreshing and delicious. This is not just a regurgitation of the classics but easy modern recipes that will inspire young cooks. Recipes are set out in useful sections such as 10 minute meals, food to share and weekend brunch. Every single recipe is accompanied by a series of helpful photos, turning this into more of a manual than simply a cookery book. This layout gives a whole different feel to the recipe book and I really like it – in fact I don’t own any other cook book set out using this concept, but I’d like more in this style.

Tiffany designed her book for anyone setting out in their own home and getting started on cooking for themselves. The blurb says “this book is perfect for busy lives and small budgets”, here lies the reason I love this book; I am busy and I have a small budget! This book is packed full of delicious, easy recipes, ideal for busy people like me and who isn’t busy?

Now, this book is aimed at the generation straight from college, busy with a new job, a new home and for this it fits its brief perfectly. However, I have one complaint, I am a young mum with a family to feed and I adore this book, my husband raved about it – this is not a book just for those with their first home – no way! These recipes need to shared by us all.

When it came to cooking some of the recipes there was much debate between my husband and I because there were too many recipes we wanted to eat! In the end we chose the Danish Frikadellars, which are little pork meatballs served with creamed cabbage.

Wow! We enjoyed this meal so much, it was easy, quick, delicious and it was good to try something we’ve never cooked or eaten before. Just right for a cold night and a meal by our fireplace. We’ll be making this again. In fact there are a lot of recipes that will be making their way onto my regular weekly meal plans.

So if you love food, enjoy cooking and like delicious, easy recipes buy this book. This is a recipe book for everyone.

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6 Responses to First Flat Cookbook by Tiffany Goodall

  1. Jen says:

    That does look a good book and that recipe looks yummy!

  2. Thanks, that sounds absolute delicious! I tried one from this lasagna recipes site before but it wasn’t so hot. I think I’ll try a different one tonight though!

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  4. matt says:

    great idea for a cook book

  5. Jodi says:

    Love the title of the cookbook!! Your meal looks delicious. I’m always up for new cookbooks, so I’m off to check this one out. Thanks for the tip!

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