Fathers’ Day

Lucky Daddy had a yummy treat for his Fathers’ Day present this year. While visiting my friend in East Sussex my hunt for a great Fathers’ Day present took me to Lewes. I remembered from a visit years ago that Lewes has a number of chocolate shops, not high street stores but independent aristian shops selling handmade chocolates.

When I was little I was taken to the food hall at Harrods and my brothers and I were allowed to help my parents fill a box of chocolates with our favourites. I’ve never forgotten this treat and I wasn’t sure that anything would ever match that memory, but the chocolates I chose in Lewes were very good. Baby G said “Happy Birthday” as he handed over the chocolates, as he is learning about giving presents we were impressed, maybe next year he might be able to say “Happy Fathers’ Day”. I was allowed to have a chocolate and as you can see from the pictures Baby G helped himself to chocolates too!

If you have a local specialist chocolate shop I would definitely try making up a box for a gift. How can you buy a box from the supermarket once you’ve tried handmade chocolates? A whole box of just your favourites! Now I want a box of chocolates to be a very special treat, chosen carefully and tasting absolutely fantastic.

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2 Responses to Fathers’ Day

  1. Jen says:

    Love the pictures!!

  2. matt says:

    happy birthday – love it haha

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