English Tapas?

Last week I saw Jamie Oliver cook tapas on ITV’s This Morning.

Jamie Oliver Does Tapas

At the end of the segment he quickly mentioned that tapas doesn’t have to be limited to Spanish cuisine, he suggested making English tapas with mini pork pies, scotch eggs and the like. This got me thinking how fun it would be to share a totally different type of meal, with lots of different things to fill up your plate and loads of different flavours to try. If people come over to eat they can help themselves to half a dozen small dishes rather than me being stuck in the kitchen by myself serving up.

At home I have already coined the term ‘Baby Tapas’ where I serve my son lots of different things to eat at once. He is such a little fuss pot when it comes to eating and I find a little of several things sometimes tempts him. So tapas for dinner would suit Baby G too.

Well, if I try ‘English Tapas’ what dishes should I cook? Scampi? Slices of apple with crumbled Stilton? Mini Yorkshire Puddings, mini Toad in the Hole, mini Cornish Pasties? Tapas does include hot dishes too, so maybe small portions of Stew and Dumplings or  Kedgeree. I definitely don’t want to end up just serving a buffet, so I think this is going to take some time and consideration. Yet if I try out a different country every time I can see the possibilities for this type of meal being endless. Help! I’m going to need some ideas!

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