Easter Cupcakes

Today with my son we quickly baked some Easter cakes to give as gifts. While George decorated his with tiny Easter eggs and little chocolate rabbits I wanted to try something a little more elegant.

I found an online tutorial about making daffodils from fondant icing or gum paste and adapted it to what I had available. You can see the tutorial that inspired me here.

These cakes will be lovely with a cup of tea tomorrow on Easter sunday, but since daffodils are spring flowers these cakes will be great to make any time over the next few weeks. Use a basic cupcake recipe, if you like chocolate add some cocoa powder, and either use some glace icing like I did for speed or spend some time and pipe buttercream icing before placing on your daffodil icing flowers. I have more information on piping with butter icing in this blog post.

Enjoy, these cakes look good but are easy to make so satisfy you and your guests!

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