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About a month ago I was lucky enough to be delivered some cupcakes especially for my Royal Wedding Party from Cupcakes To Your Door. Gill, who makes the cakes, became friends with me on Twitter sometime ago; she commented on some Thomas the Tank cupcakes I made for my son’s 2nd birthday and we’ve been good Twitter friends ever since!

In the run up to the Royal Wedding I entered a competition in The Times to design a cake for a street party. I came up with my idea of a savoury Wedding Breakfast Cupcake. When Gill heard about my cupcake ideas and my Royal Wedding Party she offered to send over some of her cupcakes for my party! I was so pleased and made sure everyone coming to the party was as excited to try Gill’s cakes as I was. Opening up Gill’s cakes at the end of our buffet made the day really special and I felt as though we were really treating our guests; after all they were cakes designed and made especially for the occasion.

As you can see the cakes were beautiful. I’m not sure I can put into words how delicious the icing and moist the sponges were. They tasted like proper old fashioned homemade cakes. What I love most of all is service and quality Cupcakes To Your Door provide. Cupcakes To Your Door can deliver cakes anywhere in the country; make the cakes to your specification; provide the quality of homemade cakes with the finishing touches of professional cake making; while providing the highest customer service.

If you hop over to their website you can see that there are cakes for every occasion, but it is also possible for Gill to make something unique. If a friend sent me a pack of these cakes in the post I would be very impressed! Cupcakes To Your Door is a great, unusual way to treat somebody – send them some cake in the post.

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  1. Thank you, wow what a lovely write-up about our cupcakes. I am so glad you and your family enjoyed them. As you know we are always updating and improving our products and we now have even better packaging so expect some more cupcakes soon!

  2. Vicky says:

    My family really enjoyed being part of my blog and getting to do some taste testing. I have a lot of support from family and friends who read this blog and it is nice to give something back and cake is a good thing to give back!

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